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I.R.O.H.H.C.C  Indigenous Roots of Hip Hop Culture Curriculum

CANTE CURA   The Song/The Sound Heals (Cures); Sina Soul's Curanderismo Curriculum and Methodology

HOZHONI    Hozho (Beauty Way) expresses the intellectual concept of order, the emotional state of happiness, the moral notion of good, the biological condition of health and well-being, and the aesthetic dimensions of balance, harmony and beauty. Hozhoni: in beauty, all things, for all time.

CURANDERISMO  The Art and Practice of Traditional, Indigenous Medicine

S.A.S.A.  1. A Samoan word which when pronounced with a short "a" sound means to hit, strike or smack.   2. A Samoan word which when pronounced with an elongated long "a" sound means a choreographed sequence of cultural dance movements synchronized to represent actions in everyday life, in ritual, in ceremony and in war; can be executed by a male or female in a sitting or standing position 3. An Acronym for "Sina Aurelia Sekhmet Auset" used in representation with her designer line of Samoan and Indigenous oils, shirts, jewelry, bags, lotions and organic scrubs.

D.I.O.S.A.  1. A Spanish word which means the female aspect of G-d.    

2. A Spanish word which means goddess or G-d in the feminine- equivalent to the Israelite/Hebrew/Jewish notion, concept and belief of "Shekina". 

3. Sina Soul's acronym for "Diasporic Indigenous Origins of Sound Absolute" DIOSA curriculum, methodology, holistic feminist lifestyle practice and line.

4. Spanish and Latino community moniker for Sina Soul- both as a Vocalist, MC, DJ, B-girl, Educator, Advocate, Artist and Curandera

ASESINA  Spanish word for a female assassin; a woman who "slays" in any genre, activity, undertaking or artistic/business/competitive endeavor . 2.  Reggaeton and Latino MC moniker for Sina Soul

SHANKS  English vernacular for a sharp object, knife or dagger used to stab; used in the marketing and branding of Sina Soul's cutlery line

R.I.S.E.Roots International Sustainable Enterprises, a multinational B3 corporation founded by DC Roots in 2005. Sina Soul is Strategic Director.

R.S.N.  Repertoire Soul Noir, a NM Multimedia Film and Theater company and Artists' collaborative created by Sina Soul, Gene Grant and Darryl DeLoache in 2006; the RSN acronym is pronounced "Risen".

KWANZAA  Festival observed by many African Americans from December 26 to January 1 as a celebration of their cultural heritage & traditional values.


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